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More Relevant Recommendations

Augment your catalog entries with structured attributes and external data to serve better recommendations.

Faster Catalog Onboarding

Reduce the time it takes your sellers to onboard new products.

Faceted Search

Create a faceted search experience by building structured attributes with normalized standard values.

Create an assisted?catalog onboarding experience

Our attribute extraction systems automatically extract structured attributes from both free-form text and images. Use this to reduce the time taken by sellers to onboard new products onto your marketplace.

Scale catalog by millions, without having to build anything

Growing a catalog manually requires time, engineering resources and constant maintenance. Or you could instantly create a vast catalog using structured product data from Semantics3's Universal Product Catalog.

Categorize with better than human accuracy

Product categorization is a science. And now you can automate that science with AI-powered categorization solutions. With better than human accuracy, AI categorization is not just easily scalable but also improves data quality.

Auto-generate listings from scratch

Given a list of UPCs,?URLs, model numbers or even retailer SKUs, our real-time crawlers can magically generate a list of product listings ready for you to use, in the format that you desire.

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